• Learn Golf Online


    An online learning centre where you can, among other things, upload visuals of your swing and work with Shane O'Grady to fine-tune exactly where you can improve.

  • The Pro Store


    The Pro store allows you to shop in a complete golf shop providing you with top brands at the lowest on line prices. It also has the most comprehensive golf training aids store to be found anywhere.

  • The Swing Kids

    Junior Golf

    With our Junior Programme you get a comprehensive holistic coaching structure to the golf development of your child from 5 years old to 18 years old.


Putting Room

The putting room allows you enter the most valuable area in golf. 46% of your golf is putting so don't regret not spending this percentage of your golf time here.


This area is specialised in explaining and fixing this golfing enigma forever. We will guarantee a short accurate solution that is revolutionary and successful.

Pro Shop Discounts

Access top brands at discounted prices in the Pro store and training aids area.

Super Slowmo Promotions

This is a 5 star corporate day experience designed to give the ultimate golfing gift to your clients. It provides a cutting edge way of aligning your brand to golf and makes a mark, long into the future.

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