RORY is a breath of fresh air and is probably the best player in the world tee to green since Hogan and is suffering from something in the putting department on the green that we just don't encounter with other players.If you hit the amount of greens in regulation that Rory does and Hogan did you set yourself up most of the time with putts out side 10 feet and very seldom inside 5 as you would be if chipping a percentage of missed greens and that's why the putting stats will always be higher.The more times you hit it to 10 feet your expectation and that of those watching you expect more and they remember you missing putts more than the guy who has only a few and hole out a lot of short putts after bunker play and chipping.Short putting on tour has only 2 variables to take into account picking the correct line and putting a good stroke on it,hence a lot more aggressive in nature.The longer putts must take in speed as well as the previous two and makes the positiveness harder without risking running your approach putts to far bye.Hense the problem of not been patient with sometimes two putting and pushing your own expectation can lead to huge pressure on the short stick.The simple fact is you cant be classed as poor putter if you are breaking 70 regularly but just need to be a more patient a putter.When relying on pace to hole putts some weeks will be yours and other it wont and that's just golf.