The big change at the top of the men's world rankings in the last 12 months have been great to the development of the games traditions of the art of good fundamentals and classic swings.Over the past decade the development of physical fitness/big headed drivers/and golf ball the emphasis has been on hit it as hard and fast as you can and distance having more premium than accuracy.This lead to the slide in classy swingers and incline in smashers.when balls finished in the rough the was no real penalty as the grooves in the irons were sharp enough to stop the ball on any surface.Now with the change in groove rules the guys that hit fairways again have the upper hand and have the ability to get at tight pin positions.So its no surprise to see the change of the guard in the men's game Luke Donald -Lee Westwood-Martin Kamer-Steve Stricker-Rory Mcilroy-.The smashers will continue to slide and that includes the Mickelson and Woods of the world [hit it every where and get it up and down from a teacher it makes it a lot easier to preach the fundamentals when you have these role models.