A lot has been discussed about the 2 different tours through the years but it is shown that European tour players are coming to the fore in the majors in the last few years and that's a lot got to do with the courses the tours decide to play on .In the us its all about ratings on the TV stations an the public week in week out demand to see birdies and big hitting seing the winning score at 20 under par and more.the fairways on these courses are massive wide and have no premium on accurses and more on a putting competition.Now when they come to the majors half these guys cant hit a fairway and cant compete against Europe's best.The European tour set up the courses with a lot more premium of the tee and tradional  venues like Valderama and Wentworth  allow the golfers nowhere to hide.even the more tourist venues in Asia and middle east are tricked up in their presentation to test the European golfer.Yes the us tour has a lot more money in the pot each week but as long as their golf course designs stay the same and TV viewers demand smashers and 20 under Par's birdie fest the Europeans tour players will keep dominating the major leader boards and world events