SOG Golf Academy - Gold

Adult academy Gold consists of the online learning program that just has to be experienced to believed.It is so simple to follow.
You get the treatment that the tour player experiences each week.We provide a structured development program with all 4 elements of your technique been developed and honed on a regular basis.

1 Golf swing
2  Chipping/Pitching
3  Bunker
4  Putting

When you sign up you automatically receive access to our extensive library of video/picture and written golf development secrets.These are extensive and have to be seen to be believed.There are up to 200 YouTube video lessons.They cover technique /routines /mental /practice patterns and all other on and off course areas of the game.Signing up entitles up to twenty video lesson exchanges in all areas of the program.

We offer you a partnership with our Pro Store and the Training Aids Store where you can receive extra discounts across a wide range of product that are not available to others.

We want any of our Gold Academy affiliates to have a champagne service enjoying and improving their game under our supervision.Come with us on a journey to a comprehensive improvement of your golf.