Superslow motion  promotions .

This is a 5 star service for your corporate day.The following are what is offered.

1. Each client on the corporate day get an online lesson from Shane O'Grady.

2. As the players arrive at the practice ground they will be video clipped with the Superslow Motion Casio camera as seen on golf TV.The golfers that go to the practice ground are picked up on the golf course and clipped.At this stage the corporate guest does'nt realize the extent of what he or she are getting. From our experience  this extends the corporate gift into the next working day which heightens the customers awareness of your brand or product.

3. That afternoon or evening the golfer gets an audio and visual online lesson from Shane which is sent  to a private locker on line that the customer gets notified about on his e.mail.This avoids any corporate blocking and spam blocking on the internet.

This is a fantastic  service and huge talking point for everyone who plays in your day.We can work with any numbers and given the details  of your day would work out a plan.In the past tour players playing two holes with the golfers giving the a quick non personalized tip cost huge money to hosts but not necessarily gave something long lasting and connecting both parties business loyalities.In the modern age golf on TV and video analyze this is something that will stay with them and develop  goodwill between parties.They can down load the lesson to their mobile phone and often is appoint of boasting about at a later stage.Having branding banners in the background is way of keeping your brand advertised long after your is finished.See video example of  Barclays Corporate in Portmarnoc Ireland 2010 


See video example Jemissons and Pirno Ricard corporate day in Doonbeg Ireland 2011




The putting workshop

We all know how much people talk and discuss golf after  around and nothing more than that of that speed of the greens and their putting performances. No matter what standard of handicap the conversations are the same.Our corporate putting workshop consists of Sam Lab golf putting quick analysis feedback for each guest pointing out where they need to improve .This information is then taken by our professional team and implemented in a short but exciting lesson.The Sam Lab System is based on ultra sound doppler technology and is used by all tour players worldwide to hone their putting strokes.It can be used as an add to our earlier super slow motion swing experience as an evening entertainment or it can be tailored to a stand alone activity in a hall or conference centre.It takes up very little space and is totally portable[20 feet square]see pictures.Its interest far out ranks its competitors in this area [ indoor simalator.etc ] This has been the case at some of our top corporate engagements.

Within seconds the system gives you an individual feedback on your putting strokes. The analysis reveals even the smallest details of your movements and allows you to develop improvements and training strategies. SAM Putt Lab utilizes ultrasound sensory analysis and therefore is far more exact than any other similar system on the market.


This system is available at the putting academy in Blackbush golf club and is portable and can be tailored to an venue indoors and out.Has to been seen to believed.Here is a small video of a demonstration