Swingkids is broke up into 3 different age groups 


  • The first section is getting your child off on a winning formula of life long golf skill development. The simple but complex secrets we will let you in on are life changing and will ensure a definite pathway to golf success.Bring your child on this journey in good experienced hands and let our golf fundamentals and drills shape their skill set in all crucial areas/Swingkids, long shots/Swingkids ,chip and pitch shots/Swingkids, bunker/Swingkids putting/Swingkids tests.This is designed for kids from 5 up to 10 years of age.It has comprehensive information in written,picture and video advise.In this area we also offer help at developing your junior section in your club.There is a questioner that when filled in and forward to us, will be assessed then some excellent tailored information will be designed for you.When you sign up you automatically access our extensive library of video picture and written information on the pathway.Sign up entitles you up to fifteen video lesson exchanges throughout the yearly program.


  • The second section is shaping your child into a winner and leading them through that time of body change.It shows you the necessary changes in subtleties in the swing and short game that are needed to bring the kid to the next levels.It is a must to becoming a winner.This is designed for kids from 10 to 15 years of age.It has comprehensive information in written,picture and video advise.


  • The third section is making them complete young players and allowing all the seeds that have been sown in the first two section express themselves.It brings you through all the important add on's that shape the player and turns them from great under age potentials into the real thing. This is designed for kids 15 years of age and older.It has comprehensive information in written,picture and video advise.

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