Pathway through swingkids 2

Swingkids 2 pathway is divided into 4 sections

When children have achieved a standard in the junior section either by handicap or score results acquired from level one.They now have achieved a high level of competence and at this stage they are ready for the next module of swingkids.We will set new goals and a sign a lot more specific tasks to the golfers improvement plan.At this stage we find the kids have grown in height and you will probably notice the player is over drawing the golf ball at this stage and we set about neutralizing the ball flight into straight.

We would set about stabilizing the lower body and improving the fundamentals in the following areas

  • set up
  • take away
  • backswing
  • downswing
  • impact
  • followthrough position

We would go about structuring the short game methods in the following areas

  • putting
  • chip shot
  • pitch shot
  • bunker shot
  • 50 yard in wedge systems
  • routines

We would set about practice plans and structures and improve the swingkids golfing maturity in these areas

  • course management and planning
  • fitness
  • patience
  • confidence
  • pre shot & post shot routines

Feel and real are two different things.Remember dont thrust feel thrust real.But thrust us its one of the big secrets in the modern swing to get the club on plane on the downswing and compress the golf ball at impact.Most of the older pros did nt move this way as the equipment of the day required inside out movement and hard draw for distance.Our secrets develop this area with simplicity so come on the journey through Swingkids              


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