Junior tuition available

1    Structured plan to the development of your son or daughter

  • Short term goal setting in technique and performance
  • long term goal targets
  • time management plan
  • fitness diet and mind development plan
  • parental role advise and structuring


2     Individual tuition at live academy at Blackbush Golf Club

  • 1 hour lessons which usually consist of 2 lessons one long game and two short game
  • half day session consisting of a more detailed look at each of the fundamental areas swing-putting-pitching/chipping/-bunkers


3    Short game tuition at the academy at Blackbush Golf Club

  • short game group classes half day and full day


4     Putting tuition at the the putting academy at Blackbush Golf Club

  • 1 hour individual tuition
  • 5 week course on putting 1 hour once a week for 5 weeks
  • green reading 1 hour sessions
  • mental preparations 1 hour sessions


    Wedge play  [ 50 yards into pitch and into chip] at the wedge academy at Blackbush Golf Club

  • 1 hour individual tuition
  • half day individual tuition
  • full day individual tuition
  • half & full day groups tuition


6     Bunker play at the bunker academy at Blackbush Golf Club

  • 1 hour individual tuition
  • half day individual 
  • half & full day group tuition


7     Junior holiday time camps at Blackbush Golf Club

  • easter holidays
  • summer holidays
  • halloween holidays


8    The holistic golf full day attention at Blackbush Golf Club

  • the complete learning experience
  • video analysis and tuition in all main areas
  • course play and management analysis
  • mental skill development
  • lunch
  • tournament playing and practice planner


9    Junior golf club - advise and structuring centre

  • golf clubs with poor junior section we will advise and direct development
  • guide the pathway forward


10   Online Swingkids 1  2 and 3 

  • availability of online development of your son or daughter through our revolutionary  Swingkids programs 
  • available from anywhere in the world 

All tuition is done using visual video feedback and simplified feel framing 

For costs involved in any of the mind coaching please contact me through our contact page