"Break your par"


Shane is full qualified Master practitioner in NLP Golf Sports Physiologist and has the skills to pass on all the mental secrets that the professionals use on a daily basis.He is confident in his version of golf physiology and can tailor it to the golfers needs.Seeing is believing is Shanes motto and that is through with the mind skills also.Shane believes his mind skills coaching contributes greatly to the success of a lot of the players he works with.Shane offers numerous packages for the avid golfer to get balance to the highs and lows that golf offers.

   2 hour individual sessions

  • deleting old bad memories
  • building good images
  • relaxation skills and anxiety clearing 

2    on course and off course 3 hour sessions

  • routine patterns assessment
  • unblocking mental blocks on holes that crate problems
  • mind management skills
  • after shot routines
  • swing tempo controls

3    group talks in mind skills and motivation

  • golf club " break your par " talks
  • company days
  • junior section/ mens section/ ladies section talks
  • school talks

 For costs involved in any of the mind coaching please contact me through our contact page