The yips are a horrible experience but we have found a life changing way of losing then forever.  We have researched them extensively and have developed a simple solution that has proven fool proof for everyone that has signed up for the program. World wide people have stopped playing the game they loved  because of the amazing pressure the putting yips has put them under. We will guarantee if you commit to our short program you will never suffer the dreaded yips again. Join us now and don't regret it.Not a lot has been wrote about the yips through the years. What are the the yips? There are many interpretations of what they are.

1. Being a nervous disposition about your putting that cause shaking in your hands that cause you to loose control of your putter head and miss putts.

2. Afliteration of the eyes is another-meaning that your eyes start blinking and panicking and cause a domino effect down through your body and into the hands.What ever the definition is ,one thing is certain if you have the yips you will know and don't look forward to taking the putter in your hands.See Video 

The longer you go without fixing the yips the more your mind fills up with with negative affirmations of the ball missing the hole.Think of your mind as being a debit and credit account of good and bad thoughts and you have a huge deposit of bad memories only when you start depositing good memories will the bad ones start diminishing in importance.We believe that all these explanations are correct but Shane has come up with revolutionary way off curing it and building your mind and method into being an accomplished putter and starting to eat into the bad memories on deposit.The small muscles around the wrists are crucial to the stability and feel required in the stabilizing and controlling speed and square stroke.See Pictures of hands and muscles on the side and see how the Medina nerve is related to the flexor retinacalum.These are the small muscles that give all the problems.If these muscles are not stable your hands wont control the putter head throughout the stroke and the speed control will be deminised.The crucial areas to look at are the transition The take away and start of down stroke. Even the strongest hands may not be activating the muscles earlier mentioned and sometimes some one who does not necessary look strong might have very strong putting muscles due to activities in day to day life [ maybe working practices ]  See Video of Shane using the Yip fix box having that freedom in your mind and hands for ever more.The Yip Fix is so simple to use that it can be used by all standards where your pro or a 20 handicap club golfer.If you are committed to giving 20 minutes a day it will without doubt transform your putting.


When you sign up for the yip fix you will automatically receive our revolutionary Yip Fix box and access to our detailed structured program and how to maximize its use.The Yip Fix box is a very simple but clever teaching aid that needs to be seen to be believed.The video show an earlier prototype.The version you will receive is shown in the short video below